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  • The latest technology used to make holes on bottom surface of the latex foam is called Multi-Core Technology
  • Multi-Core Technology adds extra softness and comfort
  • 100 % Natural Latex Foam®
  • Lower cost mattress, same high standards
  • Maintains its elasticity and buoyancy and comes with a warranty period of 10 years and a durability period of 20 years
  • Single mattress one Latex pillow free, Double, Queen and king mattress two latex pillows Free
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84" x 48", 72" x 30", 72" x 36", 72" x 48", 72" x 60", 72" x 72", 75" x 36", 75" x 48", 75" x 60", 75" x 72", 78" x 36", 78" x 48", 78" x 60", 78" x 72"


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Bamboo Fabrics, Handloom Fabric, Lycra Fabric, Rayon Fabric

3 reviews for Popular Mattresses

  1. Sudharshanan

    Amazing product..this is my second mattress from foams india..first I bought pearl mattress, as popular mattress was cheap when compared to pearl..I opted for popular mattress and it was such a good decision..the comfort is same in both the mattress.

  2. Anushya

    We have been sleeping on a very old mattress for many years, I was so tired of waking up at 3 a.m in back pain. I started doing research on finding the best mattress, but decided I wanted some type of Latex mattress. The fumes alone from memory foam toppers instantly makes my face feel like I had grease on it, I definitely knew I did not want to experience that again. After a long process I noticed I kept going back and taking a closer look at the Foams India. So I reached out to them to ask a few questions ,after all buying their mattress was a huge investment than comparing with other brands, so I was nervous to make a leap with an online purchase. I have to say I was so impressed by there quick and friendly response to every question I had even there thoughts on another brand I had been looking at. The first night was rough and I expected that, but the second night was a Dream! and every night since. I look forward to going to bed each night and no more back pain. this is an excellent mattress and I am so happy I made the decision to purchase an Foams India. I even splurged and purchased extra pillows. Amazing!! Recommended for everyone!!

  3. Arun

    Good product and fast delivery

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