Find the right mattress for you.

All of our mattresses are constructed of materials that are of exceptional quality. Superior service makes them even more comfortable.

Budget Range
  • The Popular Mattress

  • 8,532Starting
    • The latest technology used to make holes on bottom surface of the latex foam is called Multi-Core Technology
    • Multi-Core Technology adds extra softness and comfort
    • Popular Mattress are single side use
    • 100 % Natural Latex Foam®
    • Lower cost mattress, same high standards
    • Maintains its elasticity and buoyancy and comes with a warranty period of 10 years and a durability period of 20 years

Our Top Selling
  • The Pearl Mattress

  • 9,000Starting
    • The one that started it all. Optimal support, cooling comfort, pressure relief and pure natural latex foam.
    • Its superior quality allows for great comfort while lending complete support to the backbone.
    • 100 % Natural latex foam®
    • Perfect for those who seek a mixed combination for hard & soft
    • Pin-core technology
    • 15 –Year warranty

  • The Ortho Mattress

  • 9,500Starting
    • The original with more features like hard support, added premium comfort, extra cooling and more.
    • Highly comforting to people who have orthopedic challenges and the elderly
    • Hygienic and healthy as it lends complete support to the neck and spine
    • Releases pressure points that are vital for proper circulation of blood and oxygen
    • Enhanced hard 100% Natural latex foam®
    • Perfect for elders who seek harder mattress and very promising mattress for those who have back pain
    • Pin-Core Technology
    • 15 –Year’s warranty


Foams India’s Pure Latex Support Cores maintains proper support for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Foams India’s Natural Latex Toppers bring the gentle conformability and pressure relief to the surface of the mattress. Our continuous process guarantees that all of our products are one piece with NO vertical Glue seams or laminations. This ensures uniform consistent feel across the entire surface of the mattress. No firm spots, soft spots, or inconsistent feels – they feel JUST RIGHT.

Benefits of Foams India’s Natural Latex Products




Unrestricting Support
You move each night, with several major position changes. Your body does this to relieve the pressure of lying in one position and to control temperature. Foams India’s materials are designed with this in mind. Our latex is designed to help relieve pressure on sensitive areas, helping reduce the amount of tossing and turning. Foams India’s Natural Latex Foam is also instant recovery, allowing for ease of movement.




Throughout the night your body needs to release at least a half a degree of body heat. If your mattress retains your heat you will wake up uncomfortable. Foams India’ Natural Latex Foam does not change consistent feel due to ambient temperature changes. This breathability allows heat to escape away from your body, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping environment.




Motion Control
Foams India’ Natural Latex Foam helps to reduce partner disturbance by limiting motion transfer across the sleeping surface.




Foams India’s Natural Latex Foams resists body impressions and softening better than many products used in the mattress industry today. This durability ensures that the mattress you purchase containing Foams India’s Natural Latex Foams will maintain its comfort and support longer. Secure your peace of mind by investing in a quality sleep set that contains Foams India’s Natural Latex Foam material.