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We are passionate about sleep and obsessed with simplicity. Our direct business model allows you to purchase any of our premium mattresses for less. Let’s find the best mattress for your budget.

the Pearl FX Mattress
₹19,178.00 – ₹117,180.00
The one that started it all. Optimal support, cooling comfort, pressure relief and pure natural latex foam.
Its superior quality allows for great comfort while lending complete support to the backbone.
100 % Natural Latex Foam®
Perfect for those who seek a mixed combination for hard & soft
Pin-core Technology
Pearl FX Mattress are double side usable
20 - Years Warranty
The Ortho FX Mattress
₹23,049.00 – ₹130,141.00
Highly comforting to people who have orthopedic challenges and the elderly
Complete support to the neck and spine
Releases pressure points that are vital for proper circulation of blood and oxygen
Perfect for elders who seek harder mattress and very promising mattress for those who have back pain
Pin-Core Technology
Ortho FX Mattress are double side usable
20 –Years warranty