9 Reasons Why The Happiest Hour is the One You Spend in Bed

Congratulations! You made it through the week. You’re probably tired. Your eyes are likely 75% closed. You just want to fall asleep right where you are.

1. The 2 for 1 nap special goes all night long. You take one nap and you feel twice as good!

2. Everyone’s already watching series and movies. You can’t go into the office until you’ve binged the entire series or movies.

3. Slippers are a better option than any of the shoes you were planning on wearing out.

4. There are only so many nap hours in a day, but there will always be another happy hour to skip next week.

5. Your mattress is way more comfortable than a chair on government bus.

6. No matter how long you spend staring at your closet, you can’t decide on an outfit that doesn’t involve pajamas.

7. Delivery is already on its way. An entire personal pizza just for you!

8. You already made plans with your mattress and don’t want to disappoint it. Your friends will understand though.

9. It’s five o’clock somewhere, but it’s always bedtime.


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