Important Tips for your Natural Latex Mattress

Sheer value for money spent on your Natural Latex Mattress ensures that you have the best quality of sleep and the much need rest your body needs. However, taking proper care of your mattress ensures that you continue to enjoy an enhanced sleeping experience, in addition to extending the longevity of the mattress itself. Given below are few useful tips you could follow –


  1. Making use of a high quality bed framework that is accurate in size to suit your Natural Latex mattress, vouches to give full support to the body and thereby a refreshing sleeping experience.
  2. Do not roll or bend the mattress very often as this may serve to make the mattress lose its tenacity and buoyancy.
  3. The Natural Latex Mattress should be kept dry at all times. Making use of a Mattress Protector would greatly help to avoid wetting or staining the mattress, by liquids that are accidentally dropped on it.
  4. Vacuuming your mattress is highly recommended, so never try to dry clean it as it could spoil its softness and alignment. In case of accidental stains, make use of a very mild detergent with cold water and lightly rub off with a clean cloth.
  5. Never expose the Latex mattress to sunlight and avoid ironing clothes on it as it could lose its shape and luster.
  6. Guarantee card that has been duly filled and signed and the corresponding cash memo have to be submitted along with the defective mattresses in case of complaint.
  7. Guarantee cannot be realized in the case of negligence, poor handling and maintenance, folding, improper bed framework or natural wear and tear.
  8. The outer fabric is made from pure hand loom and is not prone to either shrinking or fading and therefore the guarantee for the outer cover is limited to sagging and is applicable only in the first year.
  9. Features, specifications and guarantee terms of the products are subject to change without prior notice.

Guarantee is assured when the mattresses are used with proper care following the guidelines given overleaf.

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